Summer Hosting Gifts

This the season; summer soiree season that is! In our humble opinion, there’s no better way to measure the success of any given “summer” than through minutes spent with our friends and loved ones. We’re thinking long nights that are fueled solely with good food, lots of laughter and great company – can anyone else hear those BBQ’s a sizzlin and wine glasses a clinkin?! Yes? It’s pure and utter bliss if you ask us!

Now seeing as how summer has a bit of a reputation for being the unofficial season of mixing and mingling – we’d wager your summer social calendar is already overflowing with dinner parties and weekend escapes – we thought that it might be useful to share a couple of seasonally appropriate hosting gifts that are perfect for every occasion!

And rest assured…. you absolutely won’t find anything mundane about this list! Sure the quintessential “bottle of wine” may be the tried-and-true hosting gift, however in true Bloomsbury fashion we like to do things a bit differently. Over here, we pride ourselves on our distinctiveness and ability to present a unique, wonderful twist on the classics…. not limited to our ability to pick out the most perfect gift for your summer hosts, of course!

Now before we get into the actual list itself, we thought that we’d go over a little “Hosting Gift 101″….

In other words, what exactly should you be looking for in a gift? We’re of the firm belief that your hosting gift should be equal parts practical (ie. An item the host and guests can use over the course of your gathering), thoughtful and a bit exciting! The hosts have undoubtedly put a lot of time and effort into planning – which should therefore also be mirrored within your gift!

So without further ado, here’s our summer hosting gift for every occasion!!

For a BBQ or Pool Party – DIY Sangria Kit


Our thoughts: no summer BBQ or pool party is complete without a refreshing glass of sangria! This particular concept takes the standard wine bottle hosting gift and elevates it, by adding a fun and playful twist! What we love most about this one? Your host can serve the sangria at their get-together, while keeping the pitcher for future soirees or simply for their own personal use!

Now although this DIY Sangria Kit may look a bit daunting to assemble, we promise that it’s much easier than it looks!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pitcher
  • Various fruits – we’re thinking limes, lemons, oranges and apples would make for a delectable combination!
  • Bottle of sangria
  • A ribbon

To assemble:

  • Simply place the bottle of wine into the pitcher
  • Assemble the fruits around the bottle, as to keep it sturdy and in place!
  • Close the lid of the pitcher, and tie the bow!

For a Dinner Party – Cheese Board with Artisan Cheeses & Meats


Dinner parties, even those hosted in the summertime, tend to be a bit more formal than your everyday BBQ or pool party – so we wanted to go with something that was more traditional on this one! Offering to provide appetizers for the dinner party is an excellent way to relieve some of the stress your host may be feeling over their dinner party hosting duties!

Look for a variety of different soft and hard cheeses, with various flavour profiles in order to assemble a versatile, well-rounded cheese board! If you’d really like to wow your host, provide additional meats, fruits (apples, pears or grapes are all excellent options) and crackers to really create an exceptional eating experience for the party.

Okay now that we’ve got the food covered… all you need is the board or platter itself!! You’re going to want to keep the personal style of your host in mind while shopping; are they more drawn to a clean, minimalistic modern style, or to something a bit more traditional? We’re thinking white marble slabs for modernists, rustic wooden boards for traditionalists and perhaps chalk boards if you’re host has more of a playful and eclectic style!

Cottage Weekend Getaway


Now for the fun part!!!!

The options for hosting gifts during a weekend getaway are essentially endless. There is just SO much to consider! Of course, it would be completely appropriate to gift your host with either of the two previously mentioned options – but we’re thinking you should venture a little bit outside of the box on this one! For a cottage weekend hosting gift, look for items that would help contribute to the overall experience of your mini vacation, ie. An item that would provide some form of entertainment value, or foods and drinks that your host can serve over the weekend!


Ps. Speaking of cottage getaways… How dreamy is this Bloomsbury designed country escape?! We just HAD to sneak this in!! Swoon!

Gifts For Entertainment: You can really help make the weekend a memorable one by gifting your host with something that you can all partake in together! We love the idea of gifting rustic, wooden board games, a deck of vintage playing cards or horseshoes and croquet to your host. It can be a bit taxing on the host of a weekend escape to continuously keep their guests entertained, so games such as this can be particularly useful and appreciated! Not to mention, these types of gifts are also wonderfully unique and your host will be able to use them at their weekend escape for years to come!

For Food: Instead of simply providing a meal for the weekend – why not turn it into an experience? In addition to preparing a meal or snacks for your weekend getaway, gift your host with a small grill top for their fire pit or s’mores and marshmallow sticks for the campfire, turning the prep and cooking process into more of a social event for everyone! Above all, gifts for weekend getaways should be all about creating memories, experiences, and encourage socializing amongst your host, their guests and yourself!!

Happy Socializing!!