National Home Show Recap

After a particularly exhilarating week filled with meeting new people, scoping out exciting design trends and ogling over some exceptionally gorgeous floral displays, we can officially close yet another chapter on our time spent at the National Home Show and Canada Blooms! And what a week it was…

Now that the hustle and bustle of a busy Show Week has mostly settled, we thought that we would take the opportunity to highlight some of our favourite design details that we included in our 2018 Kitchen Display! This year, we were absolutely inspired by the French Countryside when construction of our Kitchen Show Display first began and with the help of our in house craftsmen, interior designers, and installers, as well as our favourite vendors, our inspiration truly became a reality!

This English Style Framed Cabinetry display is the perfect combination of fresh, rustic, luxurious and charming; our hope being that it would instantaneously transport you to the rolling hills of the French countryside. We think that we accomplished our mission…


It certainly takes a village to create a space such as this, and we are eternally grateful to those who helped construct and furnish our 2018 Display! So without further ado, here are the small details that made this design a stunning one!

The Details & The Furnishings 


Special consideration to our friends at the amazing Select Granite Countertops!
We can always count on Renato. His team created this beautiful quartzite piece that worked seamlessly with our kitchen display this home show season, and added extra fabulous touch of elegance to beautify an otherwise rustic kitchen.


The bar stools! These chic country British-style tufting, raw wood, burlap barstools are exactly what we had envisioned for this particular display. Thank-you to Nancy and Doug from Extreme Upholstery for bringing our creative vision to life!


This show stopping custom hood created by Bloomsbury owner Robert Thornton and the team at Bloomsbury is certainly one of our favorites pieces ever. This one of a kind hood is done in an interesting mix of materials; wood, a copper crown top by Village Copper Company and finished in an authentic custom plaster finish both on the centre of the hood, and on the faux brick wall behind, all done by our own Hali Gallerno!


It is always  a very organic collaboration for our booth with Northern Wide Plank Flooring.
This year their amazing wood flooring  added immensely to the overall design of our authentically rustic English country style framed kitchen! 


Our cabinetry… The pièce de résistance! Now you didn’t think that we would forget about the woodwork and cabinetry did you?! It was absolutely the focal point of our display this year, because we wanted to showcase the exceptional work of our extremely hardworking, in house craftsmen.

Our Team of skilled Designers and Craftsmen, committed to the fine art of English-style cabinetry, is our greatest asset. They are the key to successfully creating truly custom cabinetry for Kitchens and every room in the home with the most exceptional quality and timeless design.

Come See More in our Showroom!

Like what you saw? You’re most welcome to come view our beautiful showroom to see even more of our kitchen displays! Please join us for a morning of light fare & some insightful – fabulous – conversation with our designers at the Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry open house.

Simply click HERE to RSVP! See you there?

Event Details: 

  • 415 Harry Walker Parkway
  • May 5th
  • 10am-1pm

The Kitchen’s Functionality 

Although the aesthetic of our kitchens is always at the forefront when we begin the design process, functionality and practicality is close behind in terms of our priorities! Our 2018 Kitchen Display for the Home Show season was no different and was positively full of fun surprises that only added to the overall usefulness of this particular space.


How pretty is this dinnerware?! Thank-you to French Feathers for providing us with these!


We hope to see you at our May Open House!
The Bloomsbury Design Team